I’m Ashlee. I live in Chicago land (just moved to Evanston from Lakeview) with my partner, our three living kiddos, and an equal number of cats.

I love what I do, which is why I want to photograph you. I believe that photography should be for everyone and I want the images I capture to be a reflection of the beauty I see in front of me daily. That means minimal photoshop and retouching, no body alterations, and the goal that what comes out of my camera is authentic and real.

I'm currently accepting new photography clients and commissions, freelance production gigs, and have my speaking schedule open through fall of 2019.

I'd love to create, engage, and make a bit of magic with you. Shall we?


An important note about my business:

I strive to make the body of my work, my art, and my service safe and accessible for all of my community.

I operate under principals that are anti-racist, feminist, body positive, queer, and gender affirming.

You can also read my commitment to equity in my investment section.